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  • People usually forget to mention that OS X just works. There are no driver related issues. Touchpads are the best in the industry. Yes Windows has the game support and yes Linux is open source and works so much better than Windows but both have the same issues. Someone releases an update to something and it all breaks. Windows wont upgrade anymore and you need to reinstall. Linux update breaks the sleep mode and you need to wait for the next update or downgrade your whole install.

    OS X is the best out of the bad options if you just want to use your system for your daily tasks and you don't want to play games.

    Edit: Yes you said it! at 5:17. Usually people don't say it.

  • i still prefer my current old MacBook pro then this. bigger battery… all the ports … unless if apple were to release a matte black macbook pro thst has the classic feels of steve jobs era then i may have to look else for my next pc

  • As someone who likes apple products, I genuinely disagreed with the video but had no issue until the closing statement stating that people believe if you don't have the latest machine then you just aren't wealthy enough or don't work hard enough. I don't understand how that matters, or is even feasible in the real world. The only people I know that have that attitude are assholes in high school. No one in the real world is going to give two shits or look at me any differently because I have a 2011 MacBook Pro and not a 2016 MacBook Pro.

    Another statement I did not agree with is the "MacBooks aren't performers" line. This is a lie as the 15" MacBook Pro beats out both the Dell XPS 15 and Surface Book with performance base (Source: Laptopmag).

    I am an apple fan but at the same time I know bs when I see it.


    USB Type C
    TouchBars that die in a few month
    Weak Processors
    Overpriced Hardware
    Adapter for $50
    Integrated graphics

    Are you going to join? LOL

  • I still have my 2014 (Late 2013 version) Macbook, it is just perfect for me.
    It would be great if I had a dedicated GPU, however, all the other stuff it fine for me.
    Yet, the best of it are the premium look (and feel of course) and the macOS. MacOS is just easy to use, reliable, easy to upgrade, and waaaay better looking than Windows.

  • To me, Windows is no option anymore. Windows 10 is filled with very annoying, omni-present bugs (still), Microsoft is turning away from smaller businesses and is doing some weird decisions lately (like taking control over your own group policies).
    It's either something Linux based or OS X for me. Also, at least Apple has understood not to mix a tablet with a "regular" PC as that makes a shitty mix, really. I have had a couple of Surface and Surface like devices, liked none of them. I also personally find 16GB to still be absolutely OK (yes, even for 'serious development work') as I haven't upgraded any of my machines past that because I simply didn't need it until now. But that's just me.

    Different users, different requirements, different machines, different software.

    So how about letting users decide what they need and want instead of just playing this "Apple sheep" bullshit card? Are you automatically a "* sheep" because you like to work with something or because you prefer it over something else? Is every editor using Adobe Premiere who refuse to use Avid an "Adobe sheep" and every Spotify user who don't also use Prime Music (or something else) a "Spotify sheep"? You see, after all, not everyone likes and does the same stuff but at the end of the day, our computers and applications installed on them are just utilities. They help us getting tasks done required for a bigger goal. You're not buying a laptop just to own it, you usually intend a task for that device like taking notes on the go, being your central media hub that can be moved between studio A and B or just being the couch surf station for if you have the need to look up something that you've just heard on TV (or discuss said thing with others). Therefore, we should buy whatever makes us the most productive. If that happens to be a Mac or a ThinkPad or a Chromebook is clearly user and application dependent. So just calling people "sheep" just because they use something is really silly. Imagine such an argument about coffee makers or washing machines.

  • I still like my good old dell inspiron get's the job done survives minor drops and it has touch screen and it is 90% cheaper than this dongly thing but still mac os is a gem and people pay for it and it is damn good reliable machine but in the long run i still choose the cheaper ones which gets the job done and doesn't remind me that i paid a premium while using it

  • its very simple. they just wanted in increase their margins. much much less machining costs. the light up logo. less included cables. weren't enough when they added the useless gimmick touchbar. so they also raised the price for the lack of features. they will continue screwing over their customers because its sales are huge. they cut corners like miserly pros added a useless gimmick stolen from a failed attempt by lenovo. and raised to price for their lack of anything good.

  • I cant wait for budget laptops with good specs, long battery life and performance to come out. I think we are heading that way since the ryzen launch. Hopefully an end will be put to premium garbage. Thats why it was a lot better in the mid 2000s when you could get an amd turion or intel celeron laptop for ~$500, on which XP ran amazingly. New software seems to become more buggy by the day (including os x, which is removing old features including printer support).

  • Do the math and theres more videos on the internet about negative things with Apple than there are about positive things with Microsoft/Android. Talking shit bout Apple gets more views, resulting in easy money. No one wants to watch a boring video about a windows laptop.

  • Apple products resale value is kind of negated by the fact that they keep increasing  the cost of their new products ($400.00+ for some products this generation) if you choose to buy new Apple products.  The (decreasingly) better resale value of Macs is really only an asset to those wanting to jump ship to Windows.  Apple is complacent and there products are nothing but status symbols now.  Even the new 15" MBP is better optimized for media consumption than professional use.

  • You buy a macbook because you don't need to waste 30 minutes everyday just to keep it clean, because you can just install software without having to uncheck crapware that comes with the installer. Do I like the way MS is going with Windows? Yes. Do I consider switching? Not even if they paid me for it. Truth is, Windows is still utter crap, the updates, the scaling garbage, the applications that are just not as nice and the quality overall. Also, no Sketch (huge deal for some designers), no Xcode, so no IOS apps,… I need software that just works, the hardware might be catching up, but as long as it's running Windows in it's current form, I'm not buying it. I really like linux, but then again, you just don't get the same quality when it comes to software. Windows might be good for gaming, but I'm not a gamer, and for everything but gaming it's still crap and makes you a lot less productive because you have to deal with Windows' bullshit problems all the time.

  • funny thats why almost ever animation studio around the world use pc and almost everyone devolves for pc apple is overpriced garbage you can but a godllike pc for 3k easy and even a really good one for 1500 and comparing the specs of a 1.5k mac book to a 1.5k laptops a joke laptop will be stronger more reliable have a number pad atleast 3 usb ports (if not more) more storage space a better cam a standardized charging port and a hdmi port

  • This article is making people dumber.  1. As of 1/27/17 the touchbar/speaker driver issue has been resolved.  So posting this on 3/3/17 is "Fake News" HA!!  2. Raw balls out horsepower is almost always unusable under normal circumstances. The MBP is seeks a balance between usable HP/Power consumption/software utilization. Even with a balanced focus it still wipes the floor with those with more hardcore hardware.  See the ever growing benchmarks.  3.  In 2 years see what devices you can use with your standard USB port without a dongle.  Not too smart to buy a laptop or cell phone or monitor or anything else for that matter in 2017 that DOES NOT have a usb type c connection.  Funny right… Those who are complaining about the MBP using dongles; will be the ones stuck using them.

  • I know there over priced I use to be Windows user. My first laptop was a windows and same for my desktop, but they had some many updates the where so annoying. Only reason I swapped was because I was on my 3rd iPhone generation which was the iPhone 5 at the time and thought maybe a MacBook Air would be good they would work better together. Bought one and then never wanted to go back to window's cheap build and os, machine was so reliable and had It for 4 years and felt the same everyday I used it from the first day I used it. Only thing the happened the screen started to wear grey stripe but now I got the new 2016 13 inch non touch bar and I'm sure it's going to last me the same amount of time. My girlfriend has the old machine and still is usable, the stripe comes and goes but no need to fix yet lol.

  • This isn't a review it's a "I read comments on reddit and pretend it's the public opinion". Can't be further away from most costumers that just want to have a working laptop that can be used for years without needing much support from outside.

  • you nailed it, they were "forced" to innovate, resulting in the maaaaagic touch bar – and I can tell you right now, no manufacturer is going to copy that feature from Apple 🙂

  • predictions. All new Apple will have the new USB-C ports and will be able to share RAM/SSD/Processor resources between other Apple devices.The new super large track pads will be used with Apple pencil and eventually each button on the keyboard will be replaced with an OLED display (still working as a keyboard, but each character on the key can be changed)

  • You mean people are still buying laptops (vs tablets)?? 🙂 My next Apple computer will be the 12" iPad Pro. Or even a larger one if they ever put out maybe a 15" iPad Pro. 🙂

  • I "love" Windows. It makes me so much money twice as much as OSX. I am a consultant for photography software. My time means money. Let's see updating drivers for one. Windows users never do it. OSX automatic. This huge need for Window to keep re-naming external hard drives on laptops. $$$$. Backup? OSX, complete system automatically. Saved a client more than once. Pay for an Windows upgrade lately? OSX is free.More stable, you know that answer. New MacBook Pro dongles. Really let's see – USB-C to HDMI and to USB-3. Gee the old one need ones in fact every computer needs some at least cables. The problem here is dongles that actually work well. Cheaper? Yea, but it can be done a lot cheaper than you did. Guess which one I use.

  • New intell CPUs wont work with windows 7, so you will be stuck with using the crap-tastic malware that is windows 10. Call me overpriced, but atleast I don't have to deal with windows 10 all day

  • Maybe you like the sound of the new keyboard but, chances are, you're driving the people sitting near you insane. Frankly, the few seconds I had to listen to the thing on your video irked me.

  • one small 30$ dongle solves the port issue. stop exaggerating. people stick to apple because of ecosystem. Nor only that, even if tech specs are same as competitors, the quality of hardware you get with apple hardware is amazing. look at SSD's of new macbook pro…they are amazing. Laptop grade quadcore Kabylake was released in 2017..god..why people blame apple for intel's shit.

  • I had to buy 3 windows laptops within a span of 5 years since 2012 due to malfunction and malware, and my friend bought one MacBook Pro within the same time frame. In the end, he spent $1200, I spent a total of $2100. I have always heard from my friend about this "apple ecosystem" and never really bought into it, until right around now. I've been using an iPhone 7 plus alongside a 2016 MacBook Pro, and don't see myself switching back any time soon

  • Meh… I love mine, but it depends on your use case I think. I have zero issue with apple ditching the old USB type a in favor of USB type c connection. When working from home, one cable connects to my display which has a USB hub in it for additional type a ports. When working mobile, I leave power at home and just roll. I looked at lots of premium windows laptops and just couldn't pull the trigger on them. If I am going to drop over two grand on a laptop, it needs to be functional and visually appealing. I just wasn't able to find what I wanted on the windows side of the house. Besides, a copy of fusion has me 10 seconds away from windows if I need to test anything that I am working on.