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  • Leider kannst du dir ziemlich sicher sein, dass deine App nie funktionieren wird, vielleucht auf Android 7.0.. Aber diese chinesischen schnell rausgehauenen Smartphones bekommen höchstens 1 Update auf die nächste Android Version.. Das ding wird offiziel niemals Android 8 bekommen… Das schlimmste ist ja das diese China Handys meistens nur ein oder zwei Otas bekommen, oder auch gar keins..

    Außnahme Huawei und Oneplus.. Die sind einfach Spitze

  • awesome…about time somebody told the truth on those youtubers who talk up these crappy chinese wannabe's….the only device i ever thought that UMI made which was decent was the umi zero…and even that came with some seriously shitty issues like 'swollen battery gate' etc

  • very good review for a smartphone i would never buy anyway ( i have elephone p8000 and im very pleased with it ) but yeah real facts are better than lies ! good job there! people want to know the truth , again well done!! 🙂

  • UMIDIGI Z PRO is better .
    ""Among its various capabilities, this dual camera setup will allow for better low-light photography, along with the ability to refocus a shot after the fact "" >AA<

    But is still a UMI …

  • Finally someone doing it the right way.Please do more stuff like this.

    Because of thoose idiots many people spend 200,300 dollats on a shitty smartphone.

    People need to know that they shouldnt take the risk with theese shitty brand like umi vernee elephone etc..Theese phones are not even sold in China and dont have certification for quality and safety.

    Xiaomi ,Huawei(Honor) ,Zte(Nubia) Lenovo(Zuk) ,BBQ corporation(Oneplus,Oppo,Vivo),Meizu ,Leeco and TCL (Alcatel and blacberry ) and maybe Gionee are the big and quality checked brands you need to buy.

  • I hope you would have time to test these Chinese smartphones because we need your honest reviews. I really like that you've done this video, thanks!

  • Finally, UMi is one of the worst Chinese brand to get a phone from, actually we are pretty damned with most of good cheap brands going down the hill, if I would choose one today, probably would be Oukitel we hardly hear quality issues from them. or the best thing ti do is earn more and get something decent from Xiaomi or maybe the OnePlus 3T

  • ay yo itxtutor. where the hell are your subscribers at? i'm here like before we hit 20k subs and back then you used to had at least 100k views or whatever. i miss the old of you

  • well for me it cost 200€. and for 200 i really dont think you can find somethnig much better. having for around 3months so far cant find any issues( when i got there was some buggs but they were fixed in around week). comparing honor 8 not looking very fair when price range almost double

  • Man make more of these, we miss what itxtutor used to be, you made many people choose the best China phone for the price- it's what built up your channel. Bring the nostalgia back.

  • I like your video. It's really hard when people want to compromise on quality by saving money. Unfortunately, they end up with garbage China phones. Honestly, it's better to save up the money and buy a quality smartphone that will last at least 2 years. $300 a year for one new budget phone a year versus $1000 for an iPhone that'll last 3-4 years.

  • yeah thanks for the review. me, i already so many smartphone collection and The Mediatec processor is the most suck to them, well its reasonable the price is CHEAPEST, when it comes to Camera, the processor of snapdragon i think is the best. the exynox of samsung is for multi process gaming no HANG but sometimes some of my application crash, and now im using kirin of HUawei. well im new to this kirin im still observing it for 6 months, NO hang Detect. fast process. no heating unlike other phone but i have a little, the problem is same as you have, when i try to focus on near item. huawei is having a hard time.

  • This is why it's always better to save more money and but from a reliable company. I've always stayed away from Umi, Elephone and ulefone. I've always stuck with Xiaomi and Huawei and never had any issues with them…Oh and had a LeEco Le Pro 3. Great video by the way. The best budget phone is the Redmi Note 4x have it and love it.

  • Best Budget phone I have ever purchased is the Huawei Honor 6 (Chinese Import Variant), even after having it for over 2 years it still flys and other than a few scratches on its back its doing amazingly well, I have a LG V10 also and although its great in most regards its battery life is awful even with an extended battery (9700mah Zero Lemon) If you want a cheaper phone thats well made look at Huawei and its Honor sub-brand, you won't be dissapointed

  • #TechMagnet I have a UMI Z and I found your video excellent, by what he reported on it, for my use this excellent, but I believe that in coparação there is another leaves much to be desired mainly in talking about your Android that is bad and leaves the cell in this situation. Harware think very good.

  • my thoughts on the Umi Z: the website hyoed it up a lot more than deserved, i mean, even fir a flagship. it has nice specs, but slows down QUICKLY. the battery drains faster than i can charge it, and when the screen is off 2 lines appear across it like burn marks. the screen won't turn on (but the backlight will) resulting in a black turned grey screen that i can touch but not see. it overheats took quickly and can't handle high power applications. the camera is sub par quality and produces soft photos even with the autofocus due to the tiny aperature. i paid lots of money for this phone, nearly a month's wages, only to be disappointed by Umi's terrible service and unavailability to send it back or get a refund. i was excited and let down. good ram though i can open up a shitload of apps at once
    EDIT: i forgot to mention that the unseeable screen is something another reddit user had with his Umi Rome and i blame the factory/manufacturers. restarting the phone fixes it until you turn it off again.. hence a large part of why battery dies too quickly. opening the phone reveals no heatsinks, and just uses the body and screen to dissipate heat and basically makes the phone hotter than a flambe. ive been using as my daily driver for almost 5 months now and am not pleased

  • TechMagnet, I have been watching your videos and really like that your review are honest but I have searched your channel and saw that you have not review Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. I am looking to buy this smartphone and would like an honest review of this as other reviewers are fake. Please review it as soon as possible.

  • One of the few Honest Reviewers we have on YouTube along with Chinamobilemag and TechUtopia. You guys are the best. Keep doing what you do best. Expose these fake cunts.

  • My first China device was the UMI IRON. I wish someone had done an honest review back then. The things UMI claim they do sound perfect. However, it is only a part of the truth. My phone was too buggy for daily use.
    I switched to other brands and don't look back.

  • The surprising thing about all this is that anyone is surprised ! Paid reviews ? – hold the front page ! Umi lies about specs and puts out poorly optimised phones ! – shock horror ! Given that most people watching youtube reviews have probably some interest in this area , i don't understand the fuss . Not saying it's ok , but you have to be a complete newcomer or very naïve to be unaware of it . And it's not just Umi (ahem Elephone ), even Xiaomi have been known to be somewhat economical with the truth , and what are their weekly releases if not a form of beta testing by consumer ?

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  • I'm sorry but it is extremely hypocritical for you to say click bait is bad yet actively do it yourself, you didn't explain how your click bait is any different. MrWhoseTheBoss if that's who you are referring to is obviously impressed with the phone he received, of course his opinion is not de facto and the average consumer knows that. Even the big youtubers like MKBHD do click bait such as his most recent video where the title says the S8 is the perfect smartphone. I'd be more of the belief that the consumer is at fault for not firstly watching various reviews of he device, and secondly not reading comments, and noticing if a review is paid or from a bot account.

    You now sit there saying Chinese phones are junk yet the majority of people who initially subscribed to you during ITXTutor were here to watch reviews of budget smart devices from China, there's a reason I and many other people have now began to watch people like RedSkull, TechTablets, Zi Cheng, and S7YLER more, their reviews are in depth and cater to the budget audience.

    Basically, the title of the video on YouTube is irrelevant to the content. As long as the review is honest, which I think for many of the UMi Z they were, then what difference does it make. The Z is a competent smartphone for 300 quid, it's definitely an affordable budget device and for some reviewers it's impressive what they see can be bought for that price.

    Solid performance, solid camera, solid build quality (scanner exception), and nice screen.

  • From what I know, Umi has outright lied about specs multiple times (as does Elephone and Doogee). I don't really trust them too much, the only "MediaTek OEMs" that I find to be consistently decent quality are Vernee (surprisingly good with updates) and Oukitel (personal experience, very good battery life and build quality)